MTTI Receives Chinese Patent for EVATHERA Technology


West Chester, Pennsylvania, December 6, 2022 — Molecular Targeting Technologies, Inc. (MTTI) announces the issuance of Chinese Patent CN109153641B covering MTTI’s lead radiotherapeutic product, EBTATE™ and others in its EvaThera™ platform. Approval of “Chemical conjugates of Evans blue derivatives and their use as radiotherapeutic and imaging agents” follows issued patents in the US, Europe, Singapore, and Japan this past year.

EBTATE is a new generation of peptide receptor radiotherapeutic drug that has demonstrated potential clinical superiority over standard of care. It selectively targets and binds to somatostatin receptor 2 on neuroendocrine and other tumors, which are then killed by the radionuclide. EvaThera platform products were designed to bind to serum albumin, due to the Evans blue moiety, extending in vivo residence time, enabling lower, less frequent dosing of the radiopharmaceutical and reducing risk of renal injury vs. the current standard of care.

Our recent 3-year follow-up report on a 30-patient, ex-US, EBTATE study showed stable
disease with progression-free survival of 43 months after three cycles of EBTATE. EBTATE
treatment is effective and less toxic for neuroendocrine tumor patients.

Chris Pak, MTTI’s President & CEO, commented, “This complements our IP portfolio, further
protecting our EvaThera platform.” He added, “We’re continuing to bolster our position in
radiotheranostics with planned clinical trials of our two platform products in multiple indications.”

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